Our Journey: From CyberNet Café to TechiLogic IT TechiLogic IT, LLC, established in 1999 by Stephen D. Da Luz, has evolved remarkably from its original inception as CyberNet Café. Our founder, Stephen, with a vision rooted in innovation and customer-centric services, has been steering this journey for over two decades. His hands-on approach and deep involvement in daily operations exemplify our commitment to delivering exceptional IT solutions.

Our Home: Anchored in Phoenix Our corporate home, situated at 4523 E. Broadway Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85040, stands as a testament to our growth and commitment to the community we serve.

Our Expertise: Your Virtual CIO/CTO At TechiLogic IT, we specialize in Virtual CIO/CTO services. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Business Consulting
  • Comprehensive IT Helpdesk Services
  • Technology Vendor Management
  • Operational Productivity Enhancement
  • Connectivity Maintenance
  • Security Risk Management
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy Development

TechiMANAGE: Our Flagship Service TechiMANAGE, our leading service offering, is designed for small to mid-sized markets. It combines the simplicity of spreadsheet software with the robust features of high-end custom solutions, minus the cost and complexity. This versatile and customizable tool is tailored to meet the dynamic needs of Small to Medium Enterprises, scaling effortlessly from single-user operations to large enterprise environments.

Evolving with You: The TechiMANAGE Journey Our commitment to evolution and improvement is evident in TechiMANAGE. Continuously refined through client feedback, this service reflects our dedication to fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. Their insights and trust have been pivotal in shaping our success story.

TechiLogic IT: More Than a Service Provider At TechiLogic IT, we are more than just a service provider. We are a partner in our clients' growth, a collaborator in their challenges, and a contributor to their successes. Our journey is intertwined with theirs, and together, we aim to reach new heights of operational excellence and innovation.