A privately held company, Tech-i Logic LLC was founded in 1999 under the name CyberNet Café by Stephen D. Da Luz.  Having founded the company 16 years ago, Stephen is actively involved in every aspect of the company's operations and actively leads our support team, ensuring that the company's mission is fully realized on a daily basis.  Corporate headquarters is located at 4523 E. Broadway Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85040.

The self-funded company focuses on Virtual CIO/CTO services such as business consulting, IT helpdesk services, technology vendor management, ensuring operational productivity, maintaining connectivity, managing security risks, and developing disaster recovery strategies.  Tech-i Logic's top selling service is TechiMANAGE.

Providing services to a variety of markets, Tech-i Logic LLC has built its position in the marketplace with TechiMANAGE as a small to middle market leader by providing a managed service solution that has the ease of use of spreadsheet software, with the feature set, power, and flexibility of high end custom solutions without the associated costs and complexities.  TechiMANAGE strategically addresses the pressing needs of the Small to Medium Enterprise, providing a scalable, integrated and customizable solution that increases productivity to unmatched levels from a single-user environment all the way up to the enterprise environment.

TechiMANGE has gone through many changes rapidly responding to user feedback.  Tech-i Logic LLC appreciates the working relationship that it holds with its clients.  We believe that this client interaction is the reason for our success.